Bit embarrassing/ No idea what the proper inputs are

Hello. This is my first attempt to code/ I am in the unsupervised course. I honestly have no idea what to properly input in the practice lab in cw_3_wk_1. My Guardian set me up on this site and just told me to “do great things” and left. I have no prior coding experience and believe im starting too far ahead of what I should actually be learning.
I guess what im asking for is a proper way to begin. I think there is another course I should’ve taken as a pre requisite
Thank you for responding if you do, will check back in 8 hours to view.

Hello @TerraVia, welcome!

If you have time for a long message, please check this out.

When I worked on my first software project for work, I had only known for-loop, while-loop, if-elif-else statements and doing plus/minus/multiply/divide. It was a project to control hardware, and to acquire and analyze some data from the hardware. With that goal in mind, and without any teacher, I googled a lot, tried a lot and made a lot of mistakes as well. My way was a way of motivations and I see it as a proper way. I hope you will find your own proper way too.


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