Bootstrap methods

Some quick questions on the bootstrap code. Can you clarify the method. I was reading more into bootstrapping and it looks like there are multiple methods for assessing a CI such as the percentile or basic/empiric method. Please clarify which method we used for course 1 week 2 assignment. And if you have any comments on how to best use bootstrap or suggest a reference that would be nice as well. Thanks!

Hi @Jose_James,
As to your inquiry about bootstrapping, it is a resampling technique based on sampling from a distribution with replacement. You can sample multiple times from the same distribution and then average the results in order to calculate the error and the confidence interval. So when we are calculating the confidence interval we use percentiles in general (there are other methods but this is the most used one) to calculate a 95% or a 97% CI for example. If you are interested in knowing more about the subject then i suggest you read the following:

I hope that helps!