BUG form programing assignment: Gradient Checking

I got a huge difference (the difference between grad and gradapprox) in the “gradient_check” function but the system said, “All tests passed”.

Hope this info helps!

Thank you!

Hi, @rtso4.

If you’re referring to this:

There is a mistake in the backward propagation! difference = 0.2850931567761623
 All tests passed.

It is caused by two intentional errors in backward_propagation that you can optionally try to fix :slight_smile:

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Hi @nramon,

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t get the code right, but it said “All tests passed”. Just wondering if there is a bug. Thanks again for your time! :smiley:

Hi Everyone,

I have the same issue

What you see in the printed lines is:
print(theta_plus, theta_minus, J_plus, J_minus, gradapprox)

At that point, all the previous tests had passed

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