Bug found - Grader Failed in Coursera Programming Lab - Week 3 Reinforced Learning

Hi @Rishab_Bhardwaj,

From your screenshot you have added many things that were not supposed to add:


  1. Please don’t edit anything outside of the assignment area marked by ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE ### , because unexpected code outside of those areas can interfere with the autograder and ultimately fail your submissions. Please revert those changes, or get a fresh copy (FAQ B5) if needed.

  2. After reverting those unexpected changes, before submitting, run your notebook from the first code cell up to and including the cells in section 7. If any error is reported, open a new thread in this forum and share the full error traceback. If no error, submit it. If the autograder reported any error, again, open a new thread and share whatever reported by the autograder.

@Rishab_Bhardwaj, my above steps are the normal steps for learners to complete the assignment, and we know it can work because many learners including ourselves can pass it. From your screenshot it seems to me you are taking a different approach to the problem in your assignment, however, I would like to ask you to follow my suggestions.

I have to go offline now, please do as I suggested and open a new thread for the error tracebacks or autograder’s error message if there is any, and hopefully other mentors who have time will answer you.

I am closing this one. Please open a new thread if you have other follow-up.