Bug in last cell of last assignment?

other_indices in the last cell is an array of boolean, shouldn’t it be integers?

other_indices = [cur_idx != target_indices for cur_idx, _ in enumerate(feature_names)]

should be

other_indices = [cur_idx for cur_idx, _ in enumerate(feature_names) if cur_idx != target_indices]

I think either implementation should work. The first is just an instance of what they call “logical indexing” in MATLAB. I don’t know python terminology well enough to know if they have their own name for this type of operation, but it’s analogous to implementing ReLU by saying

Z[Z < 0] = 0

As we see in that case, being able to index an array with an array of Booleans is a powerful idea that lets us write compact and expressive code. You could also implement that using your style of coding, but try it and I hope you’ll agree the above is cleaner and clearer.

But please let me know if I’m just missing your point here. :laughing:

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