BUilding Generative AI

Hello Good day everyone please in this course the kernel has been showing error, I tried it with different systems. The same thing still occur.
How would I remedy the situation please?

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Even I had encountered that error in few short courses and I was told to ignore it. Just make sure to click that not trusted to trusted.

Or @Mubsi if there is a reason for that error please let us know

I clicked on the not trusted it showed the same thing

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Hi @Abdulwaliyi,

You can ignore this and there’s no need to click on anything.

As long as you try to run the cells and they run successfully, you can ignore these messages. If you are not able to run the cells, let me know.



The Gradio pop up for submitting the the text in summarizing for lesson 2 isn’t working. It’s showing error and it isn’t summarizing

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Hi @Abdulwaliyi,

Can you share a screenshot ? Thanks

And please tag me when you reply.



When I run the Gradio too the same thing and the former was showing invalid state.

Thanks @Abdulwaliyi, I see what you mean. I’m getting the same error.

I shall report this.

Anticipating your response

Thanks @Mubsi

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Any solution yet @Mubsi

Not yet.