C_5 Week 1, Problem 1. All tests passed, but 0/100

In Ex 1 I’m submitting and constantly get 0/100, but in assignment all tests are passed (not additional). I already wrote to Coursera Help Center, but they recommended to ask here.

Be sure not to change anything outside the cells you are supposed to change. Please follow How to Get a Clean Copy of an Assignment Notebook
and submit your assignment again, making sure you don’t change anything else than where you are supposed to enter your solution.

Hi Jonaslalin,

I got the same problem in my Week 4 assignment. Error: “Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘Weights must be a tensor’)” I indeed didn’t complete Exercise 3, but everything else is completed, all tests passed, but I still have 0/100. I already try a Clean Copy and it did’t help.
Thank you!

Maybe the code you have skipped and where you have errors are used elsewhere so that nothing works before you have solved the problem you have now.

All tests accept this one are correct. So I have to have 80/100 and pass

Somewhere you are doing something strange with weights so check all code involved in that