C1 W1part2 Extracting the features

Is there anybody getting the same results as mine?

This is piece of code in extract_feature function
(Solution code removed by staff as sharing code is against our honour code)

freqs is a parameter passed in and you have

freqs=build_freqs(train_x, train_y)

inside the functions, which is not necessary.

Hi @Yitai_Cheng,

Please follow @sylviasc’s advice. If you are still having trouble, kindly share your lab ID with me.


Sorry, it did not work.
My lab ID is grvchcbb.

Hi @Yitai_Cheng,

I was looking at your notebook, and it requires a bit more digging to do, as on the surface everything seems to be correct. I shall do so in a bit.


Hi @Yitai_Cheng,

There has been an update to the assignment and the unit tests. You shouldn’t see the failed test anymore. But do let me know if you still do.