C1_W2_Assignment advice needed

Hello everyone,

I am beginner when it comes to python and I faced an issue where I get this message.

“NameError: name ‘w’ is not defined”

I have browsed the forum a bit and found common solutions such as running all cells using the “run all” in the cell tab to be futile

Witch leads me to the conclusion that this is an error in my code, who can I message for assistance in this embarrassing matter?

Thank you all for your patience and assistance.

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Hi @Nasser.q,

The reason for doing this is that, if w is defined in a previous cell, you need to run the cell in order to make sure w is defined. It does not mean that your code has an error.

It is a good practice to always run the notebook from top to down, every time you open / reopen the lab.

If there is an error in your code, please open a new thread, and share a screenshot or text-copy of the error message. We may or may not need to read your code.

Please open a new thread specifically for the error if needed. I am closing this one.