C1_W2_Lab_1_roc_curve _and_threshold

is there is any mistakes in ‘C1_W2_Lab_1_roc_curve _and_threshold’



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Hello @Rehan_Ahmed,
Thank you for pointing this out. You are correct by pointing to this. The definitions should have been the following:


I have reported this to our team and this will be fixed as soon as possible. Please feel free to share additional typos that you see on this course as well as the upcoming courses.
Thanks a lot for improving everyone’s learning experience by reporting this,
Can Koz

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Hello @canxkoz,
I am working on my last assignment C1_W3_ex:1 , I am getting an error on ex 1 for while I have tried but unable to figure out error
can you please take a look through my lab as today is second last day of deadline

lab_id : wrenygmb

The error I got is

Extracting (2, 2, 2) sub-volume

Error: Wrong shape. for variable 0.
Error: Wrong shape. for variable 1.
Error: Wrong output.

AssertionError: Not all tests were passed for get_sub_volume. Check your equations and avoid using global variables inside the function.


Hello @Rehan_Ahmed,
Thanks a lot about getting back to me. Unfortunately I do not have access to your notebook. I see that you have created a new issue on Discourse about the same issue. As I was not able to replicate the error that you were receiving, this seems like it is an internal error with the notebook.

I know that @Mubsi has internal reach to notebooks. I want to tag him on my response for your issue to be resolved.

You do not have to worry about the deadline of your assignment/lab as the date you complete your assignment does not contribute to your passing grade. Coursera platform automatically renews the deadlines.

I just read the community forum and other posts:

I saw some several hints provided by other learners who shared how they fixed this problem. Maybe their hints can be helpful to you.

Once again, thanks a lot for asking questions and making use of the Discourse Community.
Can Koz

Hello @canxkoz ,
Thanks alot for responding , I tried to appproach him but seems like he is not active now days
actually today is last day of my subscription after that course will be deactivated thats why I am trying to do it today , yes I have gone through this topic but didnot get it
even though one of learner in this topic posted the same error that I am getting

Error: Wrong output. for variable in position 0.
Error: Wrong output. for variable in position 1.

Hi @Rehan_Ahmed,

I see you already passed all of the tests, that’s good to know.


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Hi @Mubsi ,
yes I have submitted notebook


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