C1_W2 lab assignment

Hello @anjalisreerekha, usually functions like this are defined in the first few code cells so you need to run them in order to define them. So, please start with running the top-most code cell and then one by one downwards until the code cell in question again. This time, the error should go away.

Thank you Sir ,
But I had run the code at the top most cell

Hey @anjalisreerekha,
That’s really strange, since after running the first code cell, load_data should have been loaded. Can you please restart your kernel once and run the code cells sequentially again? Let us know if this resolves this issue.


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Sir,still the same error is occuring


Can you check if you have utils.py by Clicking File → open?
This will be in the top left of the notebook

Sir,After clicking file->open, this page is coming

@anjalisreerekha, this is your computer’s jupyter environment. @SamReiswig was talking about your coursera’s jupyter environment.

Are you using a local Jupyter environment with downloading a notebook file ?
In that case, you need to download all associated files, not just a single notebook.
You can download all files from “Lab Files” in the Coursera environment, just in case.