What is the function load_house_data? I mean I want to know how to add data like that into ipython. So In future If i’m working with a dataset then I would know how to use it and how to apply regression algorithm to it.

Hi @khushal_vanani , if you want to know the definition for the function, and for example, in the optional lab for Linear Regression using Scikit-Learn in C1 W2, it uses

from lab_utils_multi import load_house_data

which means you can find the function in the file lab_utils_multi.py, and you can find the file by clicking “File” > “Open”, then you can see the file in the file explorer.


How to calculate the w0 or w1 ,w2,w3 for each iteration according to the corresponding data of previous iteration? I am confused of what formula shoud I use to do hand calculation. Thanks.

I asked Gemini and got the replay as this image. The formula Gemini used is just what I use to do hand calculation. But the result of my hand calculation is different from the result of Lab03. I need help.

Do not use an AI tool for learning the course materials.

What you need to know is in the lectures and in the notebooks.

This lab discusses feature scaling and learning rates.
The gradient descent process is covered later in the course.