C1_W2_Linear_Regression - getting Assertion errors despite correct values

Regarding the graded lab from C1_W2: I’m getting the correct values for every expected output, but the checker is throwing errors for both questions. From what I gathered from other threads, I am not supposed to post my code here. However, I feel like I should mention I’ve used numpy’s sum function and tried to go for the vector approach. (I just had a Linear Algebra course and an R course in university - so I’m trying to translate what I learned there to python/numpy). I gather that this might result in some problems.



Please get back to me, I really want to figure out what I’ve done wrong here.


Can you share your lab with me in a direct message?

Just for the sake of a third party reading this: Sam went over my work and gave me fantastic feedback. As a result, I was able to remedy the problem and pass the lab.

Thanks again Sam!