C1_W2_Practice Lab, Code outputs correct result, not passing implementation check

Hello, this questions is about
Course: Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification
Assignment: Week 2 practice lab, Linear Regression

In the assignment, my cost function calculation outputs the “expected result” for w=2, b=1, that is to say cost = 75.203.

My code is not passing the implementation check, which says “cost must be zero for perfect prediction, yet cost is 12.134”. The implementation checker is checking for the cost-function output of my code at w=2, b=1 which it asserts must be zero, yet under that test, the assignment claims expected cost output for w=2, b=1 is 75.203 which is what I’m getting in.

I think this is why my code is not passing the auto-grader. Any suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

You are not posting in the right specialization! This should be in probably in Machine Learning Specialization.

updated, thank you!