C1_W3 assignment

I have an issue with this assignment; I use this code to save the model:

tf.Keras.experimental.export_saved_model(model, saved_model_path)

and get this error

module ‘keras.api._v2.keras.experimental’ has no attribute ‘export_saved_model’

So use this


And create an h5 model and then use the above command and create JSON and bin’s file, but can’t pass the assignment.

As of now the tensorflow.keras.experimental does not work anymore. To save your model use the model.save('path') function:

saved_model_path = "./my_model.h5". # or you can simply use 'my_mode.h5'
model.save(saved_model_path) #save your model 

# to reload your model 
model = keras.models.load_model(saved_model_path)

You can check the latest version of the assignment which hints to use model.save at the following path: tensorflow-2-public/C1_W3_Assignment.ipynb at main · https-deeplearning-ai/tensorflow-2-public · GitHub

Thanks for your response, as I said before, I used


and create an h5 model, and convert the model to a JSON file, but I can’t pass the assignment.