C1_W3_Lab09_Exercise 3 help me out asap dead line over head

dj_db at test_w: -0.6
dj_dw at test_w: [-44.83135362 -44.37384125]

Expected Output:

|dj_db at initial w (zeros)|-0.5999999999991071|
|ddj_dw at initial w (zeros):|[-44.831353617873795

7, -44.37384124953978]|

I suggest you to check out the public test by clicking “Open” > “File” > “public_tests.py” where you will find the test function compute_gradient_test , and then you know how the X and y are generated for the test case. You can generate the X yourself by copying, pasting and running the first 5 lines of code in the function on your jupyter notebook. Then you can print X out to inspect the content. Since there are only 7 samples in this test case, try to compute, with paper-and-pencil, the gradient for the first sample using (1) your code and (2) the maths formula, and if it doesn’t match, then you have a good lead to find out the problem; if it matches, repeat the comparison for the next sample until you find a mismatch.

But the results approx correct

Thank you, I got it.

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It’s great! Nothing is better than you being able to debug your code :wink: