C1_W3_Logistic_Regression - compute gradient

for the function compute gradient, I cant get my head on what the z_wb is, and what the for loop inside a loop is trying to achieve.

I suspect the z_wb is the z = w*X +b

I feel like i am missing something and I dont know what. The hint provided is not helping as well.

Yes, z_wb is w*X + b. Then you get f_wb by computing the sigmoid of z_wb.

The hints in the code assume that you will compute z_wb using a for-loop to iterate through all of the features in the ‘x’ and ‘w’ vectors.

If you want to compute f_wb using a matrix product, and not iterate through the features, that’s totally fine also.

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thanks, i struggle with iterations. I am more comfortable with matrices

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I love matrices too!