C1_W3_Logistic_Regression Exercise 2 Cost at initial w (zeros): 0.014

C1_W3_Logistic_Regression Exercise 2 the result of my code is Cost at initial w (zeros): 0.014. while Expected Output states it should be Cost at initial w (zeros) 0.693. i then rereshed the full notebook and followed the instructions step-by-step from the hints. i still get Cost at initial w (zeros): 0.014. Having read other posts here on this forum i see others had the same issue and they resolved it by removing lambda. I am at a loss how to do so.

Just do not use lambda_ in your code. Read the text description again, you should see that \lambda never appears there, and so shouldn’t lambda_ appear in your code too (even though it is an input argument - but just leave it there). Also please check if your implementation follows the maths strictly.

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Hi thanks for your mssg and assisting in this matter. the only place lambda appears is in the part of the code that was already there by default, see image. i have also rerun the code 5x, having rentered it mannually and then also by following every step of the hints. i still return Cost at initial w (zeros): 0.014

Learner resolved the issue by proper indentation (so that loops are applied correctly). Closing thread.

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