C1_W3_Logistic_Regression UNQ_C3 Positional Arguments


I am having an issue with the UNQ_C3 compute_gradient function. The orginal code defined 5 positional arguments for this function - lambda_ as an unused placeholder included. The code is inconsistent in that sometimes 4 input arguments are available and sometimes 5 are. Since we are not dealing with regularised gradient functions in UNQ_C3, I’m not sure why lambda_ is present in this function at all.

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Your cells isn’t complete you may delete an parameters wrongly or there are an error in your assignment lab…to get a fresh assignment from scratch, please doing these steps file → open → select running assignment and doing shutdown and select all file and delete it → after that select help

like this image and choose →


Hi @Rahmah_Saleh ,

The compute_gradient() function definition has 5 input arguments, and by default lambda is set to none. However, you have changed the definition to have 4 input arguments, removing the lambda as an input argument. This is causing the problem as reported in the error message.
In Python, setting a default value to an input argument provides flexibility. When making function call to that function with just 4 input arguements, the default value will be used.

lambda_ is included as a reminder that it will be used later in the course. Do not use it in that function. I agree that it causes confusion.

The reason compute_gradient has lambda_ as a parameter even though it doesn’t use it is so that its parameters will match the parameters for compute_gradient_reg. That way, we can pass either function to gradient_descent and it can call either of them with the same parameters.

@Rahmah_Saleh, that’s why you’re seeing that error - since you removed the lambda_ parameter from compute_gradient, gradient_descent can no longer call it with the same parameters it uses for compute_gradient_reg. By keeping the parameters consistent, gradient_descent doesn’t need to know specifically which gradient computation function it’s using.