C1_W3_Logisttic_Regression - Problem with course provide code

I have reached this part of the lab: 2.6 Learning parameters using gradient descent
and just running the provide code. When I run this provided code I get the following error

This error prevents me from submitting my final assignment.

Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello @Chris_DiCapua,

Before you started the assignment, the compute_gradient function had had this def line

def compute_gradient(X, y, w, b, lambda_=None): 

which has 5 variables in the list of input arguments. You might have changed it. Please look up the compute_gradient function and modify it back to the above one.


Its still not working . I have the same issue.

Please open a new topic and include a screenshot of the error messages and the whole error traceback you are seeing. Thank you.

I am closing this topic.