C1_W3_Practise Lab: Exercise 3: NameError: name 'z_wb' is not defined

Hi SMEs:

After passing all tests in this live Lab, I am stuck on Exercise #3 and the error is

----> 9 f_wb = sigmoid(z_wb)

NameError: name ‘z_wb’ is not defined

Can someone please explain? I did everything as instructed under Hint.

Hi @Leo_Y,

This simply meant that z_wb had not been defined before you called it out in f_wb = sigmoid(z_wb). The hint asked us to initialize z_wb to some value, and if you check out your code, what is that value which you have initialized it to?


PS: The “hint” is beneath the exercise’s code cell and we need to click to expand it.

Awesome Thanks Raymond. I got it