C1 W4 A1: Exercise 8, week 4

Hi all, this is my code for exercise 8:
{moderator edit: code removed}

This is the error:

Please help me, I don’t know why I receive an error?

When you call linear_backward(), the second parameter “linear” is incorrect.
There should be only two parameters:

First, note that sharing your code is not allowed by the community code of conduct. Second, the error is self-explanatory that linear is not defined. What is it? You make a typo I guess. Check how you did the same code for relu.

In the future, please do not post your code on the forum - only your error messages.

Posting your code is not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Thank you TMosh and saifkhanengr, I know my error and delete now

Hi! Since you asked about linear, this is a part of the:

After changing the code yield on the above linear_activation_backward, this is another error:

Wrong variable here: