C1_W4 Exercise 5 - L_Model_Forward

DLS - Course 1, Week 4, Assignment 1, I have a question on Exercise 5 - L_Model_Forward, when is the number of NN Layers L = len(parameters) // 2? Why 2? Appreciate someone to clear my mind.
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Hello @BHTan

We need to do a little bit of tracing back of L = len(parameters) // 2 to understand this. To begin with, as explained in the docstring, parameters is the output of initialize_parameters_deep() and if we go to that function, which is our exercise 2, its output is actually a dictionary that contains one W parameter and one b parameter for each layer. See there are 2 parameters per layer in that dictionary? It is therefore that we divide the length of that dictionary by 2 to get back the number of layers.


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