I get this error when I run this command on my Jupyter Notebook:
!bash download.sh
Its in the ungraded lab C1_W4_Lab_1_image_generator_no_validation
‘bash’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. Please can anyone help

Hello @Shuja_Ur_Rehman_Toor
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Sure, remember that for that lab, you have two options to download the dataset; you can run this command.

!gdown --id 1onaG42NZft3wCE1WH0GDEbUhu75fedP5

or if that command doesn’t work, you can use the other option, which is writing a file with the commands to download the dataset and then run it with

!bash download.sh

If you are using Google Colab works without problem.
in case it doesn’t work, you may still be able to access the file from the browser:

And upload to your Jupyter notebook.

Let me know if its works.

Adonai Vera

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@adonaivera Thanks for the help, yes the problem was resolved by downloading it directly from the database and then unzip it through the command. I appreciate your help