C1W1_Assignment for Introduction to Tensorflow for AI,ML AND DL

I have attempted the lab assignment correctly all the cells are running fine but the the grades are showing me the error.
Failed test case: model has incorrect type.
<class ‘keras.engine.training.Model’>,
but got:
<class ‘NoneType’>.
this is what it is showing my code is below

GRADED FUNCTION: house_model

def house_model(y_new):

# Define input and output tensors with the values for houses with 1 up to 6 bedrooms
# Hint: Remember to explictly set the dtype as float
xs = np.array([1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0],dtype=float)
ys = np.array([1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5],dtype=float)

# Define your model (should be a model with 1 dense layer and 1 unit)
model = tf.keras.Sequential([keras.layers.Dense(units=1,input_shape=[1])])

# Compile your model
# Set the optimizer to Stochastic Gradient Descent
# and use Mean Squared Error as the loss function
model.compile(optimizer='sgd', loss='mean_squared_error')

# Train your model for 1000 epochs by feeding the i/o tensors
model.fit(xs, ys, epochs=1000)
return model.predict(y_new)[0]

Get your trained model

prediction = house_model([8.0])

Note that you filed this under General Discussion, but it looks like it’s about one of the TensorFlow courses. You’ll have better luck getting a response if you file things in the appropriate categories. You can move it by using the little “edit pencil” on the title. I’m not familiar with the various TF courses, so I’m not sure where to move it, otherwise I would have moved it for you.

I believe you may need to write “tf.” before “keras.layers.Dense”.