Hi, I am Tinoe.
I am a having a AttributeError on my assignment 2.Please help to resolve the error.

Hi @Tino_Chimanikire, which specialization and course does this assignment belong to?

Implementing Callbacks in TensorFlow using the MNIST Dataset, on Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and DeepLearning course.

Thank you for responding, I have managed to resolve the error

You are welcome. I moved your thread to the right category.



Please ensure that your callback class inherits tensorflow.keras.callbacks.Callback class.
Here’s an example

Failed test case: model was not originally set to train for 10 epochs.
but got:

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I am struggling with the same error on submission for grading . Try changing the if statement to check accuracy from ‘acc’ to ‘accuracy’ as mentioned in the optimiser function