C1W2 - Batch Normalization

Anyone understood the following formula:
z[i][L] = ∑(i=0) w[i][l]*a[i][L-1]

Since i represents the node, and L represents the layer, and in a fully connected network, should’t the value of z[i][L] factor in all values of a[i][L-1], where i=0 to n?

Hi, great question!

The formula you’re referring to is a part of the calculations used in neural networks, specifically in the context of a fully connected layer. Let’s break it down:

  • z[i][L] represents the weighted input to node i in layer L.
  • w[i][l] represents the weight from node l in the previous layer (layer L-1) to node i in layer L.
  • a[i][L-1] is the activation from node i in the previous layer L-1.

The summation symbol indicates that to calculate z[i][L], you sum over all nodes l from the previous layer L-1, multiplying the activation a[l][L-1] of each node l by the weight w[i][l] connecting it to node i in the current layer L.

In a fully connected network, each node in layer L is connected to every node in layer L-1, so yes, z[i][L] should factor in all values of a[i][L-1] for all nodes i in the previous layer.

I hope this helps

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand the part of w[i][L] representing the weight from node l in the previous layer (layer L-1) to node i in layer L.

I thought *w[i][l] referred to the weight from node i in layer [L]?

But in this formula: ∑(i=0) w[i][l]*a[i][L-1], it seems to suggest that we multiply the weight of each node to the respective output from the previous layer as compared to multiplying the weight of each node with all outputs from the previous layer.

For e.g. when i=0, the formula will become: z[0][L] = w[0][L]*a[0][L-1].
I thought it should be something like z[0][L] = w[0][L]*a[0][L-1] + w[0][L]*a[1][L-1] + …+w[0][L]*a[n][L-1]?

Hi, I think, maybe the confussion is given by the missing upper limit in the sum. I we have n nodes in the (L-1)th layer, the summation goes from i=0 to i=n−1, in these manner we include z[i][L].

Thank you so much for clarifying!

you’re welcome and happy learning :slight_smile: