C1W2 Practice Lab Linear Regression Assignment Submission Indentation Error

hello everyone, good evening and hope all is well. Newbie needs some help here. My excercise run results have matched with the expected results. However after I submitted completed assignment for grading, I keep getting this indentation error message : IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level. I researched the forum, found some articles/topics and made quite a few attemps (e.g. line by line check, a full reset) trying to correct the error. Got stuck for over an hour now. Can someone please offer tips how to fix this?

Hello @Leo708,

This β†’ image tells you which cell you should go to.

This β†’ image tells you which line you should look at.

This β†’ image gives you an idea of what might have gone wrong.

So, you go to that cell, go to that line, and then check your indentation. You can (indeed you should try to) google the error message for more relevant discussions, but two things you want to have a look is:

  • is the indentation level correct? It needs to be correct.
  • are you only indenting with spaces (and not a mix of spaces and tabs)? It needs to be only spaces or only tabs, and we usually only use spaces.



Thank you Raymond! Actually I checked the indentation of that line yesterday (using all spaces, no tab) but it did not work. This morning I end up retyping my codes entirely and somehow the problem is solved. :joy: Appreciate your quick reply and other helpful posts in the forum! :+1: :+1:

That’s nice, @Leo708. :wink: