C1W3 Assignment: Callback Function

The if clause on the callback function looks like this:

if(logs.get(‘acc’)>0.7 and logs.get(‘val_acc’)>0.7):
print(“\nReached 99.8% accuracy so cancelling training!”)
self.model.stop_training = True

I don’t know which part is wrong, either the if condition that both accuracies have to be only above 70% or the printout statement, saying we reached 99.8%???

In my case, the training stopped already after 3 epochs.

Did anyone have had an issue with that before?

So the model passed the grader, so at least this is not an issue

have you chosen the right course and specialisation. if not please correct it. So respective mentors can respond.

Otherwise. Share this part of the code via DM

Yes I think I am in the correct course.

The callback function is in the C1_W3_Assignment.ipynb:
Converting a Keras Model to JSON Format

and it is coded for us.

Okay my bad. I am sorry, this assignment requires you to convert the model to JSON format and that is the main assignment. Even for me it had 99% accuracy.

So that should not be a problem.