C1W4 Assignment 2: Different results for deep model


I passed all tests and trained and tested the deep model, and I get results that are quite a bit different from the expected ones:
My model:
Cost after iteration 0: 0.6950464961800915
Cost after iteration 100: 0.5892596054583805
Cost after iteration 2499: 0.024821292218353375
Train Accuracy: 0.9999999999999998
Test Accuracy: 0.74

|Cost after iteration 100 |0.672053|
|Cost after iteration 2499 |0.088439 |
Train Accuracy 0.985645933014
Test Accuracy 0.8

My model seems to be overfitting quite a bit.
I have not changed anything. Why do I have so different results?

Hey @ivana.kruijff, did you try submitting for grade ?

Hi @rockbottom, yes, I submitted and all was fine.

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