C2_W1_Assignment_Exercise 9 - edit_two_letters

I am getting below error , i could not solve.

Hello @vemula_suman

your goal was to get an
edit_two_set: a set of strings with all possible two edits

So make sure to update the edit_two_set after the union of two sets

You can either use set.update() or use the ‘|’ (or operator) to union two sets. I used set.update to update edit_two_set

Hi Deepti,
i wrote same as you mentioned update…but not able to figure it out

Thank you

Recall first edit_two under the for loop you created from edit_one where you include the next word with allow_switches
then the next code line should be edit_two_set.update(edit_two)

Also it is not allow_switches=True, but should be allow_switches=allow_switches

Hello @vemula_suman

please check your DM, for updated correction of your notebook. Most of your codes were correct, the only some part the way it was implemented might have created the mismatch in values.