C2 W1 Exercise 4 - gradient_check_n

I am getting error :
There is a mistake in the backward propagation! difference = 0.9999999999999866

AssertionError Traceback (most recent call last)
6 expected_values = [0.2850931567761623, 1.1890913024229996e-07]
7 assert not(type(difference) == np.ndarray), “You are not using np.linalg.norm for numerator or denominator”
----> 8 assert np.any(np.isclose(difference, expected_values)), “Wrong value. It is not one of the expected values”

AssertionError: Wrong value. It is not one of the expected values

After printing my values are 4.761422807917733, 4.761422807917797, 0.9999999999999866 of numerator ,denominator , difference respectively can some one help .
I am also getting difference error in Exercise 3 my previous test all are passed

One common error students make in this exercise is that they copy the code from plus to minus without changing names. Double-check it.

Regarding Ex. 3, please share a full error. It would be better if you create a separate post for it (if there is no similar topic).

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Yeah I double checked all variables names can I share my code my code with you? so you can help me as I have been stuck for 2 hours and looking for any error in it

I’ve got this exact error too and I don’t think it’s typo. Could you please share what you did wrong again?