C2_W2_Assignment Grader error


I am getting this grader error for all the exercises:

There was an error grading one or more parts of your submission. Please review the messages below for suggestions.

0/10Score: 0 of 10

Grading failed

We encountered the following warnings when grading this part:

  • Grader error: Malformed feedback. Please visit the Discussion forum to see if your peers are experiencing similar errors. If the error isn’t resolved in 24 hours, please reach out to Coursera through our Help Center.

Hi @obiii , there is a technical issue that requires solving all the exercises before submission. In this way you obtain the full grading. Otherwise the system will see it “incomplete” and will rise the error. Please let me know how does it work by filling and solving all the exercises,


Thanks for the reply. But I cant do that as there is an error in exercise#2 (get_records)

descriptor ‘ParseFromString’ for ‘google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage’ objects doesn’t apply to a ‘bytes’ object

def get_records(dataset, num_records):
‘’‘Extracts records from the given dataset.
dataset (TFRecordDataset): dataset saved by ExampleGen
num_records (int): number of records to preview

# initialize an empty list
records = []

# Use the `take()` method to specify how many records to get
for tfrecord in dataset.take(num_records):
    # Get the numpy property of the tensor
    serialized_example = tfrecord.numpy()
    # Initialize a `tf.train.Example()` to read the serialized data
    example = tf.train.Example
    # Read the example data (output is a protocol buffer message)
    # convert the protocol bufffer message to a Python dictionary
    example_dict = (MessageToDict(example))
    # append to the records list
return records

Hi, I have the same problems since two weeks now. I completed all exercises from this notebook and I am always getting the grader error for all parts. I thought this is a technical issue which might be solved in the meantime. Because of this I now missed the deadline on monday. Could someone please assist?

I could solve the issue by the solution mentioned in this thread

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Hi Jan! Glad to know you’ve resolved the issue! By any chance, did you modify any of the ungraded cells in your old notebook prior to submitting? We’re trying to investigate this behavior and we’re thinking that might be a possible cause of the grader bug. Thanks!

Hi Obaid! Have you already resolved the issue in this exercise?


Yes, I had an error in the code. After fixing that, the grader error got fixed.