C2_W2_Assignment UNQ_C4 grader error?

Following is my output which looks passing, but the grader mark it fail:
“Code Cell UNQ_C4: Function ‘bad_subset’ is incorrect. Check implementation.”

Maybe C-Index needs to be less than 0.685 so it it’s less than 0.69 after rounding? Lab ID is okupztvdjlzt


Subgroup size should greater than 250, performance should be less than 0.69 Your Subgroup size: 598, and your C-Index: 0.6877749861401088

Expected Output

Note, your actual output will vary depending on the hyperparameters and the mask that you chose.

Your Subgroup size > 250, and your C-Index < 0.69
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Hello @sunolbanjo,

check your hyperparameters and the mask that will give your subgroup size and c-index scores.

Kindly DM the codes related to the grader cell you are having issue, in case not able to get the solution. Click on my name and then message.


Hello @sunolbanjo,

If you notice in the instructions you are suppose to create a subgroup of the test data on which the model performs poorly and not otherwise. So choosing the age value of higher will always give you better performance. Notice in the hint section the BMI value given to use was 20 because they want the model to perform poor, hence choose age quite below than what you have chosen.

Another change you need to do is tuple the whole code what you have written.

I am sharing my output with the expected output, two thing you need to notice the subgroup size and the c-index value when mention the mask age value.


Thank you for your patient response.
I understand the requirement, I know I can adjust parameters and have lower C-index, but isn’t my current result (as follow) already meeting the requirement and should pass? Thank you.

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It is not matching, in most of the statistical analysis 0.687777 any float is rounded to two numbers which again comes 0.69, considering your outcome. You need to get probably below 0.69 means 0.681 would be accepted as that would come round off to 0.68

But I suppose they want it to be below 0.6, then it has be 0.596 range.

Got it. It would help if the problem can be clarified to be 0.6 or lower