C2 W2 Exercise 8 - schedule_lr_decay ; Assertion error

My exercise solution is resulting in assertion error.
AssertionError: output: 0.45454545454545453 expected: 0.5
As far as I could understand, the test case (def schedule_lr_decay_test(target):slight_smile: defined in public_tests captures
learning_rate =0.5, epoch_num2=10, decay_rate=1, time_interval=100
The out put =0.45454545454545453 seems correct.
Please help me if I am missing something.

The assert in the unit test is correct.
Your answer of 0.4545… is not correct.

It looks like you’ve made the most common error on this function. Those symbols \lfloor and \rfloor in the denominator of the mathematical expression there are not just for decoration: they are the “floor” function. Remember that the point here is that we don’t want the rate to change on every iteration, right? That is what accomplishes that.

Here is the test output with a correct implementation:

Original learning rate:  0.5
Updated learning rate after 10 epochs:  0.5
Updated learning rate after 100 epochs:  0.3846153846153846
All tests passed

I’ll bet your number after 10 epochs is different than what I show above.

Thank you. I understood the concept and rectified it.