C2_W2: Final Accuracy test: 3 passed, 1 failed!

Hi. I have a situation with the last part of the assignment when the final test executes and it warns that 3 tests passed and 1 failed. considering that all the exercises had been passed completely, how this leads to this test error?
can anyone please read my notebook and help me find the cause?

My Lab ID: kproyabisiiy

ps. @Mubsi

Hi @kvmmn

Please do not duplicate the same question in multiple threads.

I am sorry. I assumed that the error generated in last section of the assignment, should be separated from exercise 7.

You’re absolutely right.

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In this particular situation, since the matter is separate from your previous question, it would have been ideal to begin a new thread specifically for this query. If you had initially asked the question there, and then started this thread, it would have been appropriate to delete the duplicate question from the previous location.


I got the same error

you’d better follow this thread