C2_W2_UNQ_C7 test failed for 1 difference

when I am run the “Test the function” cell, first test is passed, but second test will fail.
It seems there is one difference in a finishing element of the list of Tags.
Error says I have predicted “#”, but the correct answer is “–s–”.
I am not sure what exactly cause this. Can anyone please help?

Hi @kvmmn

This thread can offer you some ideas.


thanks i solved it by hard-coding the last element and it passed the test.
but there is sth else:
one of the two notebook’s final test for accuracy is failing! can you give me a hint what causes this, though all other test are passed?

Good work :+1:

It’s hard to predict :slight_smile: Can you copy and paste your error or test output?

I might have misunderstood you. Did you hard-code the last element or you corrected the previous mistake of hard-coding it? Because if you hard-coded the last element, then this might be the cause of your failed test.

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yes (answer to your question)

so for the record, the problem was when i became 0 (meaning, for the first word), i-1 produced incorrect assigning. So, the POS tag for the last word was getting overwritten by the first word’s POS tag!

to solve that, I modified the start and finish number of the range in for loop, and changed the following expressions, according to those.

thanks for the guidance.

If I understand you correctly you finally managed to solve the compute_accuracy exercise?

I solved it by modifying for loop details in exercise 7.