C2_W3 lecture notes contain no info on softmax

The lecture notes PDF file for course 2 week 3 don’t contain any of Andrew’s scribbles from the video lecture on Softmax (e.g. the activation function).
Also, the section on “Training a Softmax Classifier” (e.g. the loss function, backprop for layer, a^L) is missing entirely from the lecture notes.

Essentially, the lecture notes are devoid of any useful information on Softmax.

Can these be added?

Hi David,

Yes, you are right.

Hi @Mubsi, can we include those remaining parts in the course material?


Hi @Rashmi & @davidaguilaratx,

Unfortunately, that information cannot be added, which is why we have mentioned that there might be missing information in the lecture notes.

We understand that this is an inconvenience, but regretfully, it is how it is right now. I’ll see what can be done about it.


Thank you for your response Mubsi. I appreciate that you took out your valuable time to attend to respond.

Best wishes,