C2_W3_Tensorflow Assignment help

Need urgent help.

while calculting the one_hot_matrix, its failing
tried lots of ways
for eg.

# GRADED FUNCTION: one_hot_matrix def one_hot_matrix(label, depth=6): one_hot = tf.one_hot(label, depth) return one_hot

First, you posted this in a General Category. Please move this to the relevant course category, maybe DLS course 2 in this case. Here is the guidance on how to change the category.

Second, please share your full error (not the code).


If this is the DLS Course 2 assignment, then use the code which is given to you:

one_hot = None(None(None, None, None), shape=[-1, ])

Notice that there are five None. You just need to replace the None with the correct terms.

Hint from Notebook:
Implement the function below to take one label and the total number of classes C, and return the one hot encoding in a column wise matrix. Use tf.one_hot() to do this, and tf.reshape() to reshape your one hot tensor!

tf.reshape(tensor, shape)