C2 W4 Decision tree with markdown "rigth" instead of "right" error in public_tests.py?

after completing the split_dataset def i get this error:

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-19-eef5b0c18313> in <module>
     15 # UNIT TESTS
---> 16 split_dataset_test(split_dataset)

~/work/public_tests.py in split_dataset_test(target)
     44     assert len(left) == 2, f"left must have 2 elements but got: {len(left)}"
---> 45     assert len(right) == 3, f"right must have 3 elements but got: {len(rigth)}"
     47     assert np.allclose(right, expected['right']), f"Wrong value for right. Expected: { expected['right']} \ngot: {right}"

NameError: name 'rigth' is not defined

Upon looking in the public_tests.py i saw that in several occasions instead of calling for example {len(right)} on a print command it is calling {len(rigth)}, so i come up with the above error. How should i proceed?
I had an error in iterating . Upon fixing it the error message doesn’t appear. Still isn’t this a valid bug in public_tests.py?
Thanks in advance

Thanks for your report. I’ll ask the course staff to fix the typo.

Getting that assert means that the “right” parameter returned by your function is not the correct data type.

The assert is correct - the error is only a typo in the message that is displayed after the assert fails.

Until the error is fixed, you can fix the typos in your copy of the test and save the changes.