C2_W4: invalid link to rps-validation.zip

Multi-class classification in TF1 Course 2 Week 4 has the following error from the link:

Try testing the classifier

In the following video, you’ll see Laurence testing the classifier. You should also try it out using the data that you can find here. This link “https://storage.googleapis.com/laurencemoroney-blog.appspot.com/rps-validation.zip” produces this error:

The specified bucket does not exist.


Can you try to get the latest version of the assignment if thats not the latest yet.

Where is this “latest version”? I use this one:

This is what I get after I click “here” link at the end of the sentence:

Do you get the same error, or the “zip” file is downloaded for you?

Please see this lab which uses the correct test set. The staff have been informed to fix the broken link in the page you pointed.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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Thank you for your response. I will use these files instead, as you suggested:


By the way, the link that you provided points to the “ipynb” document, which has another broken link (https://laurencemoroney.com/rock-paper-scissors-dataset/):

“You will be using the Rock-Paper-Scissors dataset, a gallery of hands images in Rock, Paper, and Scissors poses.”

If you have a chance, please fix it as well.

Thank you. The staff have been notified to fix this.