C2_W4_Lab 2_Decision Trees_Error

:point_up_2:t2: Possible errors. Kindly check mentors. Thank you.

Thanks, I’ve submitted a support ticket on this issue.

Hello Debatreyo,

Thank you notifying this. But this is not an error. If you notice in the instruction, the grader has mentioned
when max_depth is less than 3, how the dataset is underfitting by noticing the accuracy of the training and validation decreasing.
Same way when the max_depth is greater than or equal to 5, validation accuracy decreases and training accuracy increasing indicative of overfitting to training set.

So grader tell we can choose best values which in instruction section he chose max_Depth =4 and asks if max_depth should be equal to 4??

but as you know or have known the threshold should be chosen from the lowest point, hence the grader chose max_depth =3, as choosing a lower max_depth can reduce the number of splits and may help to reduce overfitting.

So there is no error.

I hope you understood!!!