C2W1_Assignment Exercise 8 missing domain names

My modify_domain_of_features() function works, but the output of my test code - checking that the domain names of chlorpropamide, repaglinide, and nateglinide have all changed to ‘metformin’ - does not quite match the Expected Output. The domain values are all correct, but the domain name is blank.
At the same time, the output of tfdv.display_schema(schema) lists ‘metformin’ as the domain for all three features. Is there something wrong with the test code?

The body of my modify_domain_of_features() function:

           tfdv.set_domain(schema = schema, feature_path = feature, domain = tfdv.get_domain(schema, to_domain_name))```

Hey @Eli_Weaverdyck
Can you send your notebook to me via DM (Direct Message) so that i can check it

@Eli_Weaverdyck one of the parameters of the function is “to_domain_name” try to pass it as the domain instead “tfdv.get_domain(schema, to_domain_name))”

passing to_domain_name as the domain instead of tfdv.get_domain() worked! Thanks, @Jamal022!

Glad it worked!
Happy learning!!!