C2W1 cats_vs_dogs assignment

“/tmp” folder is not been created in Google Colab even after running the come along codes in the assignment notebook.
At the point of running of my split_data() function I get the error;
No such file or directory: ‘/tmp/cats-v-dogs/training/cats/’
Has anyone resolved this please?

/tmp already exists inside the linux backend that’s powering up the notebook.
So, please create only the required directories for the assignment that are children of /tmp.

If you want to ensure that the code works without throwing an error, use exist_ok=True when using os.makedirs. Here’s the doc

Hi Benedict,

Have you resolved this error. I am also getting the same while creating the directories.

I’m getting the same error not not able to handle it. Could someone solve it?

@Akram1 and @yatendra_rana
Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.