C2W1_Unable to Pass the Assignment

Hello, I have now transferred my assignment for week 1 several times, everything is fine from my point of view.

My output and the expected output are the same.

The quality of the model is okay for me, yes its overfitting.

Orders are being generated

Splitting works

Train_val_generator does what it should

Model is similar to last price

Training is working

Can you please help me?

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What is the grader’s feedback? Any error message?

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No, only graded Functions is 0/50 and passed: No

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I see, its a TensorFlow assignment. Please wait for this course mentor to reply. I thought its a Deep Learning Specialization assignment.


Anything new?

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Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

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Hello, thanks for your help and time. I’ve send it and waiting for your feedback.

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This is odd. Upon submitting your notebook and history.pkl by generating it from colab, I got 45/50 for the notebook part and 50/50 for the model part.

This is the feedback for the notebook part:

All tests passed for create_train_val_dirs!

Details of failed tests for split_data

Failed test case: incorrect number of training images when using split of 1.0 and a total of 123 images.
but got:

Failed test case: incorrect number of (training, validation) images when using a split of 0.5 and 12 images (6 are zero-sized).
(3, 3),
but got:
(5, 1).

All tests passed for train_val_generators!

All tests passed for create_model!

The staff have been notified about this. While you wait, can you check with coursera if you’re enrolled on an older version of the course and if so fix it?


I’ve started a few days ago, so i guess the newest one. Or?

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Adding @giovanni.lignarolo to get information from the staff.

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@Jochen_Dietrich did you try to do the correct for the codes you failed that mentor is getting failed test for split data for the codes you wrote??

The failure of grade could also if you are uploading your model incorrectly. Make sure you are following the instructions correctly.


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Hi, now i guess it is right. In the message above there was written that i messed up something with the split function. Now its changed. But still the same result.

50 points for the pickle and 0 for the assignment.
should i send it to you?

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What’s the grader feedback?

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no feedback.
only at the History, also no link to a grader output





Score: 50 of 100

NoAssignment not passed

Graded Functions

Filename: Graded Functions

0/50Score: 0 of 50

Training History

Filename: Training History

50/50Score: 50 of 50

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i also finished now assignment for week two. Its the same. I failed also. Training history 50 points code 0 points without any feedback.

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Grader output won’t have any links. The only ways to share grader feedback is via screenshot / copying the text.

I’ve added Gio earlier to this thread to work with the staff to help you out. Mentors are volunteers and don’t have the same level of access to resources like deeplearning.ai staff. Hope you get helped at the earliest.

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In this section where you scored 0/50 on the right hand side corner you would find show grader output, when you click that, it gives the reason in why your failed the grader. Probably after doing the assignment, sometime we only need to submit, but if you are using a model uploading assignment, you can check in your system if your history.pkl file is not empty.

Hi, sorry. No it is empty. Nothing written there.

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Can you see that show grader output, click on that which will give detail about why it failed

See attached picture

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