C2W2 Assignment possible copying error in cell 7

Hello, is there a mistake (maybe a copying mistake) in cell 7 of W2C2 Assignment jupyter notebook.
Instead of the expected output, there more lines are printed in the of the function “split_data”. These are already in the templete on github.
Please see copied lines below.

Now I am afraid that this will cause an error in grading. Can I just safely deleted them? (Because in the instruction deletion is not recommended)

print(f"\n\nThere are {len(os.listdir(TRAINING_CATS_DIR))} images of cats for training")
print(f"There are {len(os.listdir(TRAINING_DOGS_DIR))} images of dogs for training")
print(f"There are {len(os.listdir(VALIDATION_CATS_DIR))} images of cats for validation")# Check that the number of images matches the expected output

Please read on refreshing the workspace and get a fresh copy of the assignment notebook.

Thanks, for the quick answer.
But the problem seems to be on the github side. I didn’t mess it up. It is wrong on github. So I think refreshing it won’t help.

Beside, I didn’t understand the the link you posted. Following the link from Coursera the notebook opens in Colab, I save a copy in my google drive. If I follow File-> Open: There is no box to tick to shut it down. Or do the rest of the instructions.

I just opened the assignment notebook and saw the starter code as shown below:

# GRADED FUNCTION: split_data

  Splits the data into train and test sets
    SOURCE_DIR (string): directory path containing the images
    TRAINING_DIR (string): directory path to be used for training
    VALIDATION_DIR (string): directory path to be used for validation
    SPLIT_SIZE (float): proportion of the dataset to be used for training


The print statements below this function are for you to compare the state of your notebook after running the split_data function. If the implementation of split_data is correct, the expected and actual outputs should match.

Refreshing your google colab workspace is similar to a jupyter environment:

  1. Runtime > Disconnect and delete runtime
  2. On google colab, rename / delete the old file
  3. Make a fresh copy of the assignment from the link to starter code and start over.

The problem is not the cell you opened, but the one below. The one to test the function. There are more print statements, than there are suggested by the expected answer. So comparing with the expected answer will not match, even if the function was correctly implemented. I don’t know if the grader only checks the output of this cell or the function itself.

Got it now. Please try submitting the notebook without removing them. I’ll notify the staff to remove these additional print statements.

Thank you very much!!
The grader worked with the unmodified version.
I just wanted to make sure not that such a thing couses problems.

Thanks for confirming. I’ve notified the staff now.

The staff have removed the extra print statements now.