C2W2 Lab, got 5/10 on preprocessing_fn task

On the lab the output of the cell is as expected

But on the grader I get

Failed test case: transformed_data incorrectly defined (showing changed values with respect to correct answer).
but got:
{"root[0]['traffic_volume_xf']": {'new_value': 1, 'old_value': 0}, "root[3]['traffic_volume_xf']": {'new_value': 1, 'old_value': 0}, "root[4]['traffic_volume_xf']": {'new_value': 1, 'old_value': 0}}.

I don’t get, under what circumstances should the output be {}?


Please check notebook metadata and refresh the workspace if required / in doubt. If that doesn’t help, click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Ok I’ve checked the cells metadata, and there seemed to be no sign of corruption (had proper id and tag)

I just refreshed the notebook and copy pasted all cells from my previous notebook and I get again the same score for the cell

So weird, I’ll send you my notebook, anyway, thanks!

Please use tft modules when performing transformations. Do not use tf.reduce_mean but use the correct function inside tft.

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I see, it works! Thank you!

I was slightly confused by the usage of tft and tf in the same function, e.g. tf.greater and tf.cast :slight_smile: