C2W2 Running CNN augmentation model much too slow!

I am completing the TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Course 2 Convolutional Neural Network Week 2 Assignment. (cats and dogs using augmentation). Running the model is taking forever and it is still on epoch one. I reduced the number of convolutional layers down to three (the minimum) and it is just as slow. I am on a fairly new mac laptop. Do I need to purchase extra processsing power to complete this assignment?

Not really you would not need much power, unless you are doing something wrong with the code.

Could you try closing and reopening the lab and if needed reset the Lab assignment and refill the code solutions again!

Thank you — I will give that a try!

I have it re-filled in and running again (slowly), but this warning notice is showing by the first epoch: “/usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages/PIL/TiffImagePlugin.py:858: UserWarning: Truncated File Read

Shouldnt be a problem for you!


Have you seen this ?

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Hello, Same issue here. I followed the tips but running very. No GPU credits.

Neither deeplearning.ai nor coursera provide google colab credits. You’ll have to either purchase a premium plan on a cloud provider or use your own GPU to complete the assignment.