C2W3_Assignment: exercise 12 wrong output

Hi Folks,

I am trying to figure out why I get no output from exercise 12. Here is my code,

def get_parent_artifacts(store, artifact):

    ### START CODE HERE ###
    # Get the artifact id of the input artifact
... removed at the request of balaji.ambresh
    ### END CODE HERE ###

    return parent_artifact_list

I believe this is the correct code, and there might be an error earlier in my notebook, specifically in section 5.1, where I get the wrong output, here:


Could this code section be preventing me from seeing the correct output for exercise 12? Please help. Thanks!

Please remove non-starter code from your previous post.

If a section doesn’t match the expected output, there’s no point in moving further since the downstream tasks will break. You might want to start looking at the expected results and fix the underlying code before moving to exercise 12.

This is the expected output when displaying properties using schema_list.

After I refreshed and updated the assignment, it worked!