C2W3_ Assignment: Help for Grading

I’m working on the Week3 - Assignment for class 2 on coursera. All the cells executed well and the results matched the expected outcomes. However the grade is 0, and the output for each section is same as below:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
list index out of range

Did anyone run into the same issue before?

(coursera lab link)

Would it be possible that you have renamed the Lab File something other than the official one? If so reset the Lab!

No the lab file was not renamed… And the feedback msg is about list index out of range - do you know anything about that?

In addition, the file was submitted later than the week end, but earlier than the course end date (02/26). Will this be the reason?

this message normally means that you are trying to access an element of a list beyond the list length!

You should re-check where that might be happening in your solution!

But I didn’t run into errors for the cells and the results matched to the expected ones (if there are any). Is the error about the cell scripts, or about something else that may cause list overflow in the backend?

Its most probably the way you are solving the code solutions I would guess, re-check them maybe you pick up the mistake second time around, it happens!§